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新视野大学英语_新视野大学英语读写教程2课后答案Unit7 Lighten Your Load and Save..

新视野大学英语_新视野大学英语读写教程2课后答案Unit7 Lighten Your Load and Save..

新视野大学英语(第二版)第二册Unit 7答案


Unit 7

Comprehension of the Text


1. You should learn to take charge of your life and recognize there are many things beyond your control.

2. Being tense may cause tremendous and rapid increases in their blood pressure.

3. They found the excess alarm or stress chemicals could literally burst heart muscle fibers, creating many short circuits and causing crazy heat rhythms.

4. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, together with lack of control.

5. One kind is professional women, and the other kind is people who have no compass in life.

6. The NICE factors –new, interesting, challenging experiences.

7. Cut it down to 6 and set priorities.

8. You must learn to flow.



1.react 2.tense 3.recommended 4.destructive 5. perceive

6.emphasis 7.stirred 8.priority 9.attributed 10. stimulate


1. blow his top 2. Among other things 3. take charge of 4. put emphasis on 5. is attributed to 6. from my viewpoint 7. substituted low-fat oil for butter 8.cut down on 9. keep your audience in mind 10. out of control


1.N 2.E 3.G 4.J 5.I 6.A 7.C 8.L 9.D 10.O

Word Building


1.endless 2. thoughtful 3. harmful 4. restless 5.beautiful 6.successful 7.fearless 8.joyful


realize privatize characterize socialize

nationalize economize normalize criticize

1.nationalized 2.criticized 3.normalized 4.economize

5.realized 6.socializing 7.privatized 8.characterizes

Sentence structure


1. When you are studying abroad, misunderstandings can result from cultural differences, among other things.

2. Online learning requires, among other things, commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the course.

3. The research work was severely criticized for its poor management, among other things.

4. They discussed, among other things, the future of the oil industry.

5. The article shows, among other things, the negative effects of generation gap between parents and children.


1. The more often I practice, the better I play.

2. The higher we got up in the air, the colder it became.

3. The more carbon the steel contains and the quicker the cooling is, the harder the steel becomes.

4. The more I thought about his suggestion, the more doubtful I became.

5. The more he eats, the fatter he becomes.



1. At the meeting they discussed, among other things, the present economic situation.

2. The more I learned about the nature, the more absorbed I became in its mystery.

3. The doctor recommends that those stressed people should try something new, interesting and challenging in order to give their negative feelings an outlet.

4. The teacher gives more homework to the student who has bad grades instead of cutting it down.

5. By contrast, American parents are more likely to attribute their children's success to natural talent.

6. One of a teacher's priorities is to stimulate students' interests and their creativity.


1. 除了其他内容,他的研究还牵涉到发展中国家与爱滋病的斗争。

2. 这些人明白了他们的服务越好,他们就挣得越多。

3. 尽管父亲似乎忧虑不安,但苏珊感觉不到他在表情或行动上有什么变化。

4. 能获得多少经济资助已成为学生选择上哪所学校的更重要的因素。

5. 她已经减少了外出和买衣服的花费,但她还是没钱开始还债。

6. 控制压力的方法之一是认识到生活中有很多事情是我们无法掌控的。



1.D 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B 11.D 12.B 13.C 14.C 15.B

Structured Writing

My friend Jack has become a workaholic. He has too strong a desire to prove himself. According to him, good enough is never good enough. While others want only to finish a few

things, he aims to do everything by himself. Also, he is unwilling to spend time with his family, playing with the dog, or going fishing. He would feel guilty if he did so, because he believes that all his time should be spent working. He even wishes that he could have a day of 26 hours or even more. He has become a workaholic whether he likes it or not.

Section B

Comprehension of the Text


1. F 2.F 3.T 4.F 5.T 6.F 7.F 8.T



1.constant 2.ambition 3.consequence 4.evident 5. summarize

6.welfare 7.schedule 8.attaining 9.loyal 10.indispensable


1. There isn't anything to do other than wait to see what will happen.

2. Although Bill was going to the movies, he told Joe to the contrary.

3. I wonder who it was that defined man as a rational animal.

4. Traveling in that country isn't necessarily expensive; you can find reasonably priced hotels and restaurants.

5. Janet tends to get angry if you bother her.

6. I would rather walk there than go by bus.

7. She was held for twenty days and at times she feared for her life.

8. He's been burning the midnight oil for a week now, getting ready for finals.

9. For many people the only possible way to escape from poverty is to move to other countries.

10. Born in Milan, he dropped out of university to devote himself to music.

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