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新视野大学英语_新视野大学英语读写教程2课后答案Unit 8 There’s a Lot More to Life

新视野大学英语_新视野大学英语读写教程2课后答案Unit 8 There’s a Lot More to Life

新视野大学英语(第二版)第二册Unit 8答案


Unit 8

Comprehension of the Text


1. Today’s college beginners are more consumeristic and less at any time in the 17 years of the poll.

2. It is less important than being financially well off or successful.

3. Work is not the only thing they live for, and they are meant to do more.

4. To help students become aware of the meaning of life.

5. Education teaches us to see the connections between things as well as see beyond our immediate needs.

6. We can improve our moral sense by acquiring knowledge accumulated throughout the ages.

7. In the long run, education should be about teaching people how to distinguish right from wrong.

8. We ought to give our ability to our work but our genius to our lives.



1. render 2. contribution 3. popular 4.institutions 5.enrolled

6. diverse 7. accumulated 8. distinguish 9. puzzling 10. confine


1. His past record is certainly something he is proud of.

2. The members of the committee, after a two-hour discussion, finally arrived at a solution.

3. If we want to arrive there in time, we have to travel by day as well as by night.

4. I was shocked when I read of his death in a newspaper.

5. According to the police, the young man was arrested at the scene of the robbery.

6. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching for information, only to discover the information useless.

7. It is unnecessary to worry a lot. In fact, things will get better in the long run.

8. My smile was meant to show interest in this trip, but Carla was far too intelligent to believe it showed anything of the sort.

9. The number of students who want to be enrolled in engineering courses is way up.

10. The little girl is so fond of her dog that she gives it a piece of chocolate every day.


1. A 2. D 3. M 4. N 5. E 6. J 7. C 8. L 9. G 10. H

Word Building


1. weekly 2. attractive 3. worldly 4. costly 5. secondary

6. leisurely 7. earthly 8. customary 9. protective 10. progressive

11. sickly 12. momentary 13. manly 14. orderly


1. backward(s) 2. strangely 3. outward(s) 4. unfortunately

5. homeward(s) 6. originally 7. sadly 8. inward(s)

Sentence structure


1. On no account will they give up the plan.

2. Little does he know much his parents love him.

3. Not until he read the report did he realize what a serious mistake he had made.

4. Hardly could the poor old man fall asleep with a pain in his leg.

5. Under no conditions will we give in to their demands.


1. While I agree it is a tough problem, I don’t think it cannot be solved.

2. While Sara cannot come to help us, she will give us some suggestions.

3. While people admit pollution is very serious, few are willing to take measures.

4. While it’s raining hard now, it will clear up anytime.

5. While it is true we need money badly, we cannot steal it.



1. Little did she know that this picture would one day be worth more than a million dollars.

2. While I understand what you say, I don’t agree with you on the issue.

3. I think the police are meant to protect people.

4. I went to see him yesterday, only to find that he had gone abroad several days before.

5. At the weekly meeting, everyone must confine their remarks to the subject.

6. If only I hadn’t said those silly words! I was too young then to distinguish right from wrong.


1. 五年前我几乎不会想到今天我会与这么多来自世界各地的学生坐在一起学习英语。

2. 虽然这些职位给你带来荣耀和权力,但是它也赋予你巨大的责任。

3. 从长远来看,粮食生产和人口增长之间的竞争难以轻易解决。

4. 有时我们发现,自己爬上了成功的阶梯,却发现阶梯靠在错误的墙壁上。(即:我们爬上去了,却发现不是自己真正追求的东西。)

5. 新计划的目的是让年轻人快速走上管理岗位。

6. 这个年轻人志向高远,非常希望能有所成就,让父母为他骄傲。



1. C 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. A

11. C 12. C 13. A 14. D 15. D 16.B 17. A 18. D 19. C 20.A


There has been a sad tendency among youngsters in valuing material things more and more. For college students, the most popular subjects that they prefer to choose are accounting, computer programming, business, etc. When they graduate from colleges, the jobs they prefer to choose are sales representative, advertisement designing, international business, etc. Fewer and fewer people are choosing teaching or social services as their life career.

Section B

Comprehension of the Text


1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. T 6. F 7. F 8. F



1. eliminate 2. displayed 3. implicit 4. promotion 5. motivated

6. prospect 7. constructed 8. civil 9. preference 10. absence


1. Correct form: in particular; synonym: especially/particularly

2. Correct form: in short; synonym: in brief

3. Correct form: are committed to; definition: promise to do (sth.)

4. Correct form: based … on; definition: use… as a basis

5. Correct form: By/In comparison; synonym: compared to

6. Correct form: at large; synonym: as a whole; in general

7. Correct form: happy with; synonym: satisfied with

8. Correct form: associated with; synonym: connected with

9. Correct form: ground to a halt; definition: gradually stop

10. Correct form: protect… from; synonym: defend… from

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